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Annotating PDFs

Annotating PDFs: Many students’ annotations can’t be seen when they submit their work. We don’t know why, but this is the ONLY way that is guaranteed to work. Click the link to watch the video tutorial of annotating PDFs:

Listed below are the steps:

  • Open PDF-sharrow to OneNote
  • Choose Location (Course/PDFs)
  • Rename Title (Lastname Assignment)
  • Send
  • Open OneNote
  • Open the location you previously saved it
  • Tap on the PDF
  • Click Printout
  • Annotate on PDF
  • Sharrow- Send Copy of Page
  • Send with Another App
  • Choose More
  • Choose Schoology
  • Submit to assignment
  • Choose course
  • Choose assignment
  • Upload
  • Click on submission to verify it's there and has annotations
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  • 15-Jan-2021